Top Grade Ammo by Glen Zediker

Top Grade Ammo is a step-by-step guide to creating quality ammunition. In the words of the author, Glen Zediker, it's "a direct course in championship-level handloading tools, processes and ideas".

In an easy to read style and with a binding that lays flat, Glen Zediker walks you through the entire process, in depth, one step at a time. This starts with brass prep, whether new or already fired. This also includes de-priming for fired cases or primer pocket prep for unfired cases. Next up is cleaning and resizing. Then a new primer is seated. Finally, the case is filled with gunpowder and a bullet is seated.

All essential tools are addressed including: components, reloading tools, benches, reloading presses and dies.

Reloading operations discussed include: case sizing, case trimming, priming, propellant dispensing and bullet seating.

 Advanced topics addressed are: case segregation, bullet sorting, coated bullets, outside case neck turning, ballistic coefficient and barrel twist rate.


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