Storm Tactical Rite in Rain 6 Ring Modular Data Book

Storm Tactical Rite in Rain Modular Data books are printed on Rite in Rain Tan All Weather Paper, in a compact size of 7" x 4.6". The book uses a 6 ring poly mini binder, which allows the operator to organize the book per mission needs. These books can be used with Rite in Rain waterproof pen, sharpie fine point pen, sharpie extra fine point marker, other smear-proof pen, or pencil. Storm Tactical Rite in Rain Modular Data Books contain 122 pages including: Come-ups, Dedicated Cold Bore, Reticle Hold, Cold Bore / Zero, Zero / Calls, Stationary Torso, Blank Target, Movers, Unknown Distance / Long Range, Range Card / Field Sketch, Sniper Observation Log, Round Count, USMC Click and Wind Charts, Information Pages, and Notes Pages. Made in USA.

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