Accu-Shot BT10-LW17 V8 Atlas Bipod

We are an authorized dealer of the Atlas Bipod.

While sandbags or shooting bags such as the Wiebad Mini Range Cube tend to offer the most stable platform for your rifle, bipods are a close second. One of the top choices of professional shooters is the Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod. Now on version 8, the Atlas Bipod has many original features. These include legs that move independently and can be deployed straight down at 90 degrees or at 45 degrees pointing either front or back. The legs can be stowed pointing either front or back. The legs allow +/- 15 degrees of pan and +/- 15 degrees of cant for easy shot alignment.

The included ADM 170-S lever mount allows for mounting directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail. The ADM mount includes the QD AutoLock System which allows for quick mounting and removal of the bipod.

Weighs only 12.9 ounces with a height range of 4.75 - 9". Made in the USA.

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